Some realisation over the past few years

I turned thirty-one this week.

I’ve written down something in my notebook, guess it would be interesting to share with you. Though I’d say it’s more like a reminder for myself in the future.

So, there’re a few things I learned and realised in the last few years. Most of the realisation came from experiences.

  1. It’s not that you love something, so you get good at it. It’s often the other way around. You’re good at something, then you love it.
  2. Everything comes with pieces you don’t like. Always, that’s part of it. Things I thought I want to pursue always come with stress, uncertainty, dealing with nasty people, nonsense, long hours, and constant doubt. Sometimes it’s worth it. I should be aware of the price. (I stole some words from the book, Same as Ever)
  3. Low expectation is the key to happiness. (Always! But it’s hard to accept this sometimes)
  4. Blaming myself, instead of other people, actually makes life easier. (Or, in other words, learning to take full responsibility is the most important skill in terms of growing as a person)

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